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We believe that mutual trust and personal integrity provide the foundation for lasting and meaningful partnerships.
We believe punctuality is a demonstration of our respect for others and of our commitment to quality service.
We believe professionalism is the key to providing exceptional levels of safeguard.
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We believe that our clients' peace of mind is the ultimate expression of their confidence in us.

Monitoring & Patrol

Patrols are done in 2-12 hour shifts accompanied by an assigned patrol unit. Each Patrol will be manned by the Driver, and an Armed Officer. There is a 24hr Emergency response vehicle, which in addition to the driver is manned by the following compliment of officers: 1 Driver, 1 Armed Officer; 1 Canine and Handler or 1 Baton Officer. This unit responds to calls where additional manpower is required.


Rapid Response Unit

This comprises a Driver, a Baton Officer as well as a Canine unit can be deployed as additional back up to the onsite officers as well as to the Emergency response unit. This unit has the capability of offering almost immediate back up assistance when needed. At least one officer attached to both the Emergency Response Unit as well as the Rapid Response unit is trained in First Aid and Phoenix and can act as first responders in acute emergency situations. This unit can be made available either on an as needed basis or as an addition to the regular patrols.


CCTV Installation & Monitoring

Phoenix is also able to provide other security related services including installation and monitoring of CCTV Systems, installation and monitoring of perimeter and building alarm systems, provision and installation of access control systems as well as the provision of personal alarm equipment to key personnel as may be required. All of these can be discussed in further detail and costings provided upon request.


Canine Services

Canine Services provided by Phoenix are second to none. Our K-9s are imported from Holland and Belgium who are known for their high quality breeds. Our K-9s and K-9 handlers are specially trained to provide maximum protection when called upon. Our canine services are also out-sourced to other security agencies that do not posses such a unit, we currently have over 80 K-9s at our disposal.

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